Sunday, August 28, 2011

New things and things

New hookahhhh ^ - ^!!

New FX contacts ahhhh!

New Plushie huzzahhh!!

New party pictures hhooo!

(Party Name: "Pixel Invasion")

Party Name: "Golden Dreams 2"

Yet again, I must work on adding more reading material in my blogs, but I feel that sometimes pictures pretty much get the point across =P

More later ^ - ^


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mer. Mer I say!

Recently, the word "Mer" has been the majority of how I respond to people now.

"Hey Mia, want to get something to eat?"
Me: "Mer."

"Hey Mia, how are you feeling today?"
Me: *shrugs* "Merr"

XD I don't know why I became so fond of using this word, I didn't even realize I was ding this until somebody else pointed it out o,O
On with the show!

I went to Six Flags!

 (Athaya, Christina, Me, Jenny)

Yep! Jenny had two free tickets so I didn't have to pay for mine =^  ^=!! *is so loved*

 Six Flags was a great time, Jenny was my Roller Coaster buddy so with her by my side we traveled and conquered all the roller coasters throughout the San Antonio area! We chased down people dressed up as characters and even ran into a crazy christian lady. She was very awkward, as most religious fanatics are, but we prevailed in dodging her attacks :p

And the sometime later I hung out with these awesome possums!

 (Andres, Me, Ridge, Pamela)

  This picture above was taking a few nights ago, and i'll have to say, it was a pretty fun night. We all met up around 10:30pm and set around a park, they sat on the sings talking and I found a spot above the slide on the playground to lay down and stair at the stars peacefully. The weather was so pretty, the silence was beautiful and the wind was so relaxing =) After about 40 minutes of me being missing though, Ridge came and found me, informed me that we were going to get my daily McDonalds icecream (because I hadn't had one that day haha!) and we both met back up with the group. It was pretty chill, we sang songs in the car and the icecream is addicting as always.

I went to Karma pretty late last night, only stayed an hour. Nothing too exciting was going on there, but tomorrow they have an event going on that I will make sure to document with photographs to share :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sleep. It's a good thing!

Recently, it has hit me that "maybe" staying up till 6am and the going to work at 9am is not a healthy thing to do >_> (no duh right?)

I say this because as of lately I have become extremely lethargic. It might have a bit to do with me not taking my required vitamins for my vitamin deficiencies, but I can also say that it is safe to say that only getting 2hrs of sleep isn't too healthy either haha.

So my down town adventures have been cut down a bit, but I have also concluded this:

I live in Texas.
I am always going to miss some event that is going on.


I live in Austin Texas,
and there is -ALWAYS- an event going on.


Even though I will be missing something during the time I set aside to sleep, I also have other events going on that I can go to the very next day, or the day after. (and so on and so on)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I want ice cream

Yes, the title of this post it true. I do, indeed, want ice cream.

An ice cream cone if you will.

As of late, I have been craving McDonalds vanilla ice cream cones and this craving is a mystery of sorts, considering that I hold a strong hatred towards McDonalds. The food is highly unhealthy, the majority of their food tastes horrible in my opinion, and above all, they market their disgusting/unhealty food towards young children. I'm not trying to get all "protect the children!" on here, but young children don't really understand the difference between healthy eating and not healthy eating until later on in their lives.

So yeah, me eating -anything-from McDonald is a strange occurrence. 

As far as partying has gone, there hasn't been too many to go to, besides the weekly down town trips to karma. Those of which I will be attending both today and tomorrow ( as always ). Yesterday was the birthday of a girl I went to high school with. I didn't know her very well personally, but I got to tag along with my fellow who knew her better than I.

                                      Here's a group shot.                      
I'm to the right of the girl in you who's on her knees ( lulz )

The party itself was alright. He all met up at a bar/pool hall and everybody got wasted. To join in the festivities I ordered an "adios" and that was pretty much all I needed to get near drunk-phase O_o I don't drink very often or very much, so alcohol hits me pretty hard.

Afterwards, when the place began to close up we went to our friends house to continue to celebration with an after party. This consisted of me bugging my boyfriend to take me to Taco Cabana and then me passing out at the afterparty when the consumption of tacos was complete.

So that was my night/morning last night.

On a different note,
I haz more Prohibition heading my way in the mail ^ - ^!!!

I really can not wait to get these in the mail, and I can't WAIT to wear these shades!!!
UV items are amazing, and they make any party super fun to be it, it helps add to the mood ^  ^
Alrighty, toodles!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flow wands, Underoath and chihuahuas

Return of the Flow Wands!!

I have more from this set of pictures a friend of mine took, but this is my favorite and there's really no reason to post the others >,>
I feel like I am becoming better at this art, now all I have to do is get some LED wands and we will be in business!

  The last couple of days have been a little rough. Monday and Tuesday I had to work 4am-12:30pm shifts X_X I can not get sleep in general, so needless to say, I haven't slept in a little over 2 days @_@
  Tomorrow, however, I am going to San Antonio with a good friend of mine and some other people to see "Underoath" play =) I feel very honored for being invited to go with them, as they are all guys and 2 girls overheard them talking about it, asked to go, and were denied. After talking to my friends about it, they said they didn't want them to go because "They are girls, they're going to get bored, and they're going to ruin the trip." It made me feel both silly and special. To most of the males who actually know and understand me, I am almost not a girl at all in their eyes XD So whoo!! Yay for me being me =P
My dog is cuter than yours =3!

Goodnight, World <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

Scatter-Brained ahhhh!!

(Jenny, Myself, Mina, Jon)

The picture above was taken on Friday at a party thrown for Mina's birthday called "Disobey".

So yeah, I should learn to stick to my word about updating this blog more =( I apologize. A while ago my relationship with a male ended, so I had to deal with that and all the problems that go along with it. Pushing that whole mess aside I have been pushing myself to move up at my job, joined a gym, created an even crazier social life, and took up painting again.

In reality, the break up was a blessing in a terrible disguise. It has made me more productive and I have had a couple people come forward expressing their interest in me. I have recently been spending time with a guy who is very understanding and fun. We like the same things, and neither of us do drugs. ( my recent ex fell back into drugs during the end of our relationship, as afterward his personality did a COMPLETE 360 =/ )

>_> I'm ranting on that.
To sum the new guy up though!
- Successful job and pay!
( Money is not important to me, but this means that he will not have to rely on me to help him pay things, which is something i've been suckered into wayy too many times with past relationships. )
- does not do drugs!
- Enjoys going to parties with me.
- Likes Rock music.
- He actually listens when I voice concerns, and when he sees something is troubling me, he pushes me to share what it is, and then proceeds to help me work through it!
- He is fun and secure with himself, so I do not have to constantly ask if he is ok, or worry about him =)

We have not made anything official as of yet. Both him and I got a little messed up after our last recent relationships ended, and both him and I are weary and do not want to rush anything at all. Though, I told him that I was having a huge money problem, and he helped me out a small bit, and he went to the hospital with me today =) Then we went to his place and he made mac&cheese AND THEN we watched animes together ^ - ^

It's nice knowing somebody else who is responsible. It's also nice knowing that I can see him whenever I want, or if I call/text he doesn't ignore me. He treats me like i'm actually a person ;p

O_O GYAHH @_@ I made this whole post a rant about the guy i'm dating @__@;;
Ok lets see..

"Eli" playing with his LED hoop

It has different color settings!! I want it X-X

"Athaya" and I

(Jinx, Mina, Athaya, myself and Christina)

Mina, Athaya, and Myself again down at Karma on a slow night o,x

I don't know, so much has happened since my last post. I sort of just through everything into this one.

*determined stance* I will make the next one better and easier to follow!! >-<!
It will be done!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update on "Mia's Life"

As of lately, I have sort of just been floating through the days. Party at "Karma" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays like always, go to 6th street on the occasional Thursday, and whatever else happens to pop up on Saturdays. I have recently join a gym called "Planet Fitness" and am trying to make it a habit of going there every so often. You know, since i'm paying $20 a month to be able to go there anyways XD I'm currently on the search for a work out partner, but those seem to be scarce now-a-days =(

I made my hair more red

Here's a picture of me in the Karma bathroom with the long parts of my hair pulled back.

Here is a random picture of my dog sleeping. Her name is "Milli" and she's the center of my world.

And here's the many plates leftover after I went out of a group of girls to eat.

So I suppose this is more of a random post about random little things. With random little pictures of course =)

Something amazing though, I have a job interview this Thursday at another store for the company I work for, and if I get it i'll be trained to be a cosmetic manager. So i'm excited ^ - ^ I very much hope tha tI get the spot, wish me luck!!!